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The highest rated hail repair facility in Nebraska.

Free Repair Program

  • Free & Convenient Evaluation: What’s easier, home or work? 10 minutes. No Obligation.
  • Total Customer Service: If approved, you don’t lift a finger. No insurance calls, no hassle. We call you when repairs are complete.
  • Waived Deductible Up To $500: We cover up to the first $500 of your deductible. Don’t take my word for it, read the dozens of Google reviews..
  • Rental Assistance: If your insurance doesn’t cover it, we provide rental assistance during repair time for qualifying customers.
  • Lifetime Warranty: We stand behind our work 100% for as long as you own your vehicle.
  • Referral Program: We want to fix your friends and family’s vehicles as well. Refer someone and receive $100 when their vehicle is approved for repairs! Instantly via Venmo or within a week via Check.

This Program Ends June 30th! Don’t wait any longer, call now!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why you instead of my insurance-recommended shop?

CNN Report: Why Your Insurance is Skimping On Repairs

  • Insurance recommended shops do the bare minimum to repair your vehicle because their job is to save your insurance company money even if it’s at your expense.
  • Independent shops like iHail work for the you no matter the cost. We work with your insurance but depend on happy customers like you to stay in business.

What if I don’t fix the damage?

Answer Financial Report: Can I Keep The Cash From An Insurance Payout?

  • The answer is NO
  • Most likely you’ll need to fix it sooner or later. It does not make sense to wait.
  • Call your insurance and learn how it negatively affects your future claims.

The iHail Difference

iHail is Nebraska’s Leading Hail Repair Bodyshop

* We handle every step of the process. iHail is a 1 stop shop. *
* We work directly with your insurance. *
* iHail does not work for your insurance company, we work for you. *

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